Employee Assistance


The EAF has a Board of Directors and an Awards Committee that is made up of representatives from various Sheriff's Office Divisions. The committee and board members review requests for assistance that have been submitted by fellow employees.


If you know of someone in need who works at JCSO, complete the nomination form.

Awards Committee Volunteers:  Rachael Impson, Dawnie DiLorenzo, Kent Ferris, Fred Haggett, Wayne Holverson, Brad Ingermann, Steven Laurita, Scott Pocsik, Al Simmons, Susan Sylvester, Debra Kaye Thomason, Marli Vandenberg, Jennifer Van Dorn, Ashly Perez de Tejada, Steve Wygant, and Shannon Edson

The EAF provided more than $9,500 in assistance to employees in 2018.